Recently when trying to login to the One Note for Windows 10 app I was getting the below error.

Error message: Something went wrong and we can’t do what you asked. We’re sorry

Error Code: 0xE0001075

Something went wrong Onenote Error 0xE0001075

Then i tried to login to the One Note Web app,  but there i was getting a different error:

Sorry, We cant get your notebooks right now, Please try again later

In both the error messages there is little information about what is the issue and I was wondering why this error is occurring.

Then later with few checks i figured out that this issue is as because of OneDrive. Let me repeat it once more;

The issue is as because my One Drive account is frozen due to inactivity.

Wait a second!, how came One Note stops to work due to OneDrive? Here are few details about it.

What is its impact of OneDrive in OneNote?

The OneNote for Windows 10 Application and the OneNote Web application uses Onedrive to store its Notebooks securely. It also helps you to sync you notebooks across different devices and computers and make it access from anywhere.

If you open OneDrive and go to My files > Documents, you will see a file named user’s Notebook. This file is created by One Note. So if your One Drive is not used for quite some time, the One Drive account will be frozen and for this reason you will get the above mentioned error in One Note.

OneNote file is stored in Onedrive

Here is what Microsoft says about the OneNote issue:

If you have a Skype, Xbox, Hotmail or account then you also have a OneDrive account. Even if you access the other Microsoft services, if you don’t access your OneDrive account within 12 months, or if you exceed your storage limit, your OneDrive account will be frozen.

How to fix Something went wrong OneNote Error 0xE0001075

The fix is simple. 

Login into OneDrive Portal

You may get a popup like below stating your One Drive account is frozen due to inactivity.

Click on the Unfreeze your account button on the popup.

OneDrive Frozen Error

Now you get a similar screen as below stating that your files are unfreezing and it could take up to 24 hours to unfreeze your account.

OneDrive UnFreezing Files

For me, it took less than 5 minitues to unfreeze the account. There wasn’t any files in my OneDrive account and i believe that is the reason why it unfreeze the account quickly.

Now when i open the One Note, i was able to open it without any errors.

One Note for Windows 10