What can you do to learn SharePoint?

Learning SharePoint is not a way more than reading a single book or watching a single SharePoint training video. There is no single book or training video that covers entire SharePoint. And it takes hours and hours of trainings, learning & exploration to indulge before you become a yet another SharePoint Administrator or SharePoint Developer. If you ask for how to learn SharePoint quickly, here i suggest few best practices that can guide you with the right step.

1. Start using SharePoint

Start by doing is the first advise to anyone who wants to learn SharePoint (or anything). Start with simple task -create site collection, workflows, edit list etc are keep on.

2. Understand the basics

Next is to understand the basics. Understand what is there, why is there and what can be done with it.

3. Attend Free SharePoint Webinars

There are free SharePoint webinars by Microsoft and trainings by other Microsoft MVP’s.

Checkout Upcoming SharePoint Webinars here

4. Look for SharePoint Trainings Online

There are many online trainings courses on SharePoint, preview few and find which is suitable for you. Purchase the course, stick to it and learn.

5. Enroll in SharePoint Training Offline

There are many offline institutes in you city, that teaches SharePoint. Find out few in your town, contact them, get the details and opt for it if its feasible.

6. Follow Tech communities

One you start learning you find many tech communities, blogs, support portals that will help you to get your SharePoint doubts clarified.

Find SharePoint tech communities details here